Central Kentucky Swim & Dive Conference

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2021 Officials Training:
Completed - 5/25; 6/1


Jamie Palumbo email communication

Coaches and Administrators,

We had a dive coaches meeting 5/25/21 before the first dive clinic where a couple things were decided by the dive coaches, as well as remembering rules that the dive coaches have already passed but need to be updated in our rules.

Rules that have already passed in previous years:

Dive jury will be voted on at one of the first two CKSDC meetings and be available for issues during the entire season, not just conference. 

When the second round of a dive meet starts, a new diver cannot join the meet. 

Divers may change the dive on the board, but the lowest DD must be used and can not repeat an optional category. 

If the dive is found out to repeat an optional category after the dive is done or after the meet finishes, it must be counted as a fail dive.

All divers are Live in a meet, so they do not need to be designated as Live or Exhibition.

In an abbreviated meet, a diver is disqualified after failing one dive. 

New Rule that passed unanimously 9-0 (all dive teams represented except Hartland):
No dive signature required will be required on the dive sheet by the diver or the coach.

2021 Dive Jury
  1. Idle Hour (Chair)
  2. Arlington
  3. Spindletop
  4. LCC
  5. Georgetown
Tomorrow (6/2) might be inclement weather for meets that are going to be held, so please familiarize yourselves with the rules regarding postponement and that abbreviated meets can be used in those situations that still count as a complete meet.

Attached is the list of everyone who is eligible to judge at a dual meet this season. If there is anyone from your teams who could not make either clinic because of extreme extenuating circumstances, have them contact me and I will figure out doing an emergency certification for them. This cannot be because of scheduling conflicts; we all have a lot of parents in that same situation. If a team does not have enough eligible judges at a meet, the other team will need to provide them.

I also attached a list of all the head dive coaches for this season. Remember to communicate in advance (around a week is best) to figure out approximately how many divers will be in the meet, table workers/judges needed, the timeline, and to determine the start time so the dive meet/awards are finished before the home team starts warmups at 4:30pm.

I'm looking forward to a fantastic summer!!
Jamie Palumbo
CKSDC Dive Director

2021 certified dive judges

2021 dive coaches